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NYC Construction Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in an on-the-job construction accident? Work with an NYC construction accident attorney who can help you get the benefits you need to recover from your accident.

Construction is a physically and mentally demanding job. There are so many dangers to look out for, it would be surprising if workers didn’t get injured. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times—on the lookout for tripping hazards, holes, falling objects, dangerous machinery, and much more.

When you work in a dangerous environment, the risks of an on-the-job injury are high. Even when you’ve tried your best to avoid them, accidents can still happen. You will likely need to collect workers compensation until you recover and can get back to work. Luckily, an NYC construction accident lawyer can help you get the benefits you need.

Common Injuries Associated with Construction Work

If you’ve been injured on the job, your injury should qualify you for workers comp benefits under the law, regardless of injury type.

It’s still helpful to understand common construction injuries. The following kinds of injuries are more widely accepted as risks of construction work in NYC and are therefore more likely to be approved:

Workers Comp Benefits for Injured Construction Workers in NYC

In the state of New York, workers have a right to recover compensation when they’ve been injured on the job. The law requires your employer to carry workers compensation insurance to protect injured workers like you.

Your employer pays a premium each month so that, when accidents happen, you and your fellow employees have something to fall back on. What kinds of benefits will you receive? Injured NYC construction workers may be entitled to the following:

When your workers comp claim has been approved, you should begin receiving payments within one month of filing. The insurance company will then provide you with a payment every two weeks until you’re recovered and able to return to work.

Why Would the Insurance Company Deny Your Claim?

It’s possible to file a workers comp claim on your own, and the steps are available on the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board website. However, filing a claim on your own may not work out in your favor. Although injured NYC construction workers are entitled to benefits, insurance companies still have a right to deny your claim.

The insurance companies that provide workers comp benefits are for-profit companies. They’re going to do whatever they can to cut costs and increase profits. If they can find any reason to deny your claim, they will. They often will use the following excuses for not approving a claim:

  • It was a fraudulent claim (often claiming you weren’t really injured).
  • The accident didn’t happen at your workplace.
  • Your injuries aren’t as substantial as you say they are.
  • You didn’t file the paperwork in time.
  • There wasn’t enough evidence to prove your case.

How Can an NYC Workers Comp Attorney Help an Injured Construction Worker?

The tricky thing about workers comp is that the employee must prove his or her injuries. If you don’t have enough evidence, your claim may be denied.

That’s why hiring an attorney can greatly improve your chances of a successful outcome after your NYC construction accident. We can help you in the following ways:

  • Investigating your accident and gathering evidence to prove your case, such as witness statements, video footage, and medical documentation
  • Advising you on legal matters
  • Helping you file the claim paperwork so it’s accurate and timely in order to keep your claim from being denied on a technicality
  • Attending hearings and fighting a denial of benefits

Connect with an NYC Construction Accident Attorney

Your strength and health are important when you work in a physically demanding industry, and you have the right to take the necessary time off and get the appropriate medical care to recover your health after an accident. Workers compensation is designed to protect injured workers, but it can be a difficult and confusing system.

Increase the chances of your workers compensation claim being approved by working with an NYC construction accident lawyer. At Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP, we are happy to discuss your case during an obligation-free consultation, so call us at 212-385-9190 or complete the online contact form below.

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