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Does Workers Comp Cover Car Accidents?

Many workers drive as part of their daily job duties. Perhaps you are required to take deposits to the bank each day, you are in the delivery industry, or you travel to your patients’ homes to provide caregiving services.

Put simply, workers compensation will cover car accidents if the crash occurred while you were performing your job duties. Does workers comp cover car accidents in New York? Absolutely. There are, of course, rules regarding what circumstances qualify.

Covered Workers

Some examples of workers who travel as part of their jobs include the following:

  • Food delivery service workers
  • Electricians
  • Appraisers and home inspectors
  • Social workers

Even when driving is not part of your job description, you can still be required to drive for work purposes. For example, you may need to travel across town to attend a meeting.

Were You Working at the Time of Your Crash?

If your job requires extensive driving, then you’re more than likely covered. There will be little doubt about to the validity of your claim. However, insurers may deny a claim if they don’t see enough evidence that you drive as part of your job duties or that you were working at the time of your accident.

Let’s take a more specific look at who might be covered by workers comp for a vehicle accident:

  • Those driving a company vehicle for business purposes
  • Those running work-mandated errands
  • Those driving a transit vehicle
  • Delivery drivers, not including government workers

Who Isn’t Covered

Let’s take a look at situations in which you would not be covered by workers comp for an auto wreck:

  • You were driving to or from work or on your lunch break, unless it was a “working lunch”
  • You were intoxicated or driving recklessly when your accident occurred
  • You weren’t following company policy
  • You were breaking the law at the time of the crash

Each case is reviewed on an individual basis to determine whether your wreck falls under the requirements. The most important element you must prove in your claim is that you were on the clock at the time of your crash.

Team Up with a New York Workers Compensation Attorney

Now you know the circumstances under which workers comp would cover a car accident in New York.

If you need help determining whether your case meets the requirements and would like to file a claim for workers compensation benefits, speak with a New York workers comp lawyer at Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP. We can discuss your case during a free initial consultation. Call 212-385-9190 or complete our contact form below.

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