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How Do Family Members Recover Workers Comp for a Fatal Work Accident in New York?

The loss of a loved one is a traumatic event, and it could leave you with a world of struggles. Not only are you suffering emotionally over your great loss, but if your loved one was the family provider, you could also be worried about how this death will affect your family’s financial situation.

If your loved one’s death is related to an injury or illness obtained at work, you are probably wondering how family members recover workers comp for a fatal work accident in New York. Read on to find out.

How to File a New York Workers Compensation Death Claim

Your loss might have occurred suddenly, or your loved one might have already been receiving workers compensation benefits for an injury or illness that proved fatal; in either case, you will have to file a Claim for Compensation in Death Case form.

Two other pieces of documentation will be involved in your pursuit of workers comp death benefits in New York:

Help Filing a Work Comp Death Benefit Claim

Completing all the steps to obtain death benefits from the New York workers comp system can be overwhelming. You’ve been through enough.

How do family members recover workers comp for a fatal work accident in New York? You can get the compensation you need by hiring a workers comp attorney from Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP.

We can help you gather everything you need and fill out the paperwork to ensure you receive your benefits quickly and without hassle. Call us at 212-385-9190 or fill out the form below to speak with an attorney for free.

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