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NYC Corrections Officer Workers Comp Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt while working at a correctional facility, you deserve workers compensation benefits to cover your medical costs and lost income. Get the most from your benefits by working with an NYC corrections officer workers comp lawyer.

When you work in a correctional facility, you spend every day dedicating your life toward keeping society safe. Unfortunately, the same safety is not always guaranteed to you while you’re at work. If you were injured on the job, you may be wondering what steps you should take to begin your road to recovery and maintaining your income while you do so. That’s where an NYC corrections officer workers comp lawyer from Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP, can help.

Our team of attorneys respects and appreciates the fact that you put your health and wellbeing on the line to keep the outside world safe. That’s why we dedicate all of our knowledge, experience, and skills toward helping corrections officers who have been injured at work maximize their workers compensation benefits.

What Is the Timeline of My Work Comp Claim?

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for injured workers to discover that receiving the compensation they are owed can be difficult. After you sustain your injuries, it’s important that you and your NYC corrections officer workers comp lawyer move quickly to garner the best results for your claim.

The first and most important time constraint you must meet is reporting your accident to your employer within thirty days of the injury. This notification must be submitted to your employer in writing. Although you have at least thirty days, the faster you move, the better.

Workers compensation claims are highly contingent on strict timelines, and moving quickly will ensure you receive the full value of your claim. After that, your employer is required to report the accident to the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board.

During this process, you must also submit any doctor’s analysis and medical reports as soon as you receive them. This will be crucial in helping prove the value of your claim.

What Benefits Am I Eligible For?

Whether you were injured breaking up a fight between inmates or while handling the correctional facility’s equipment, it can sometimes be difficult to prove your claim and get all the benefits you’re due. Luckily, your NYC corrections officer workers comp lawyer will help you obtain compensation that covers a wide range of the difficulties you may be facing.

Your benefits may include the following that apply:

  • Medical treatment and expenses, including hospitalization, medication, doctor visits, and rehabilitative costs
  • Reimbursement for any time you’ve had to take off from work and any time you may have to take off in the future
  • Compensation for any injuries that have permanent or long-lasting effects
  • Reimbursement if it is determined that the injury will force you to leave your job as a corrections officer, including payment for industry training or education in another field

Help from a New York City Corrections Officer Work Comp Attorney

If you’re dealing with the fallout of an injury incurred while working as a corrections officer, it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone. Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz, LLP is standing by and ready to help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Let us take on your case to ensure your claim is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible, as doing so will help you recoup all the benefits you are eligible for.

To speak with a member of our staff about scheduling a free consultation with an NYC corrections officer workers comp lawyer, reach us by phone at 212-385-9190 or fill out the online contact form that can be found at the bottom of this page.

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